Development Generation Africa International (DGAi)

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Mission Statements



Development Generation Africa International (DGAi)'s success increasingly relies upon the degree to which we directly engage children and youth and communities in our work; and continue to adapt to our priorities in the MDG context.




To foster a properly organized, action and research based youth-led organization with capacity in policy advocacy; based on qualitative inputs and ready to harness the knowledge and skills of children and youth for development.




To scale up children and youth response and leadership to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and promote children and youth voices and participation across all issues of their concern





Founded in 2003, DGAi's core value of Performance, Resourcefulness, Inspired Ideas, Dedication and Education drives Children and Youth to be PRIDE for development!




Development Generation Africa International (DGAi) is structured with a dedication for children and youth development and active engagement; we provide a range of support services, capacity building, and educational programmes on Health, Environment, ICT, Education and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); as well as Gender, Climate Change, Rural Development, Human Rights and Democracy.


In implementing programmes at the Development Generation Africa International (DGAi), we:


* Aim to educate children and youth for development


* Give due priority to the people most at risk and left behind


* Focus on performance and active engagement


* Builds on, complement and coordinates with existing children and youth development programmes


* Focus on creation of open society values


* Demonstrating results and partnership


* Building on what works


* Strengthening high-level children and youth and community involvement in issues


* Pursing new, innovative solutions


* Remaining lean and light, while operating with accountability and transparency.