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News: From the Executive Director - Henry Ekwuruke


Development Generation Africa International is committed to ensuring the active participation of the African children and youth towards their development and engagement in development efforts and issues that affect them in 2015 and beyond. Poverty eradication, addressing inequality and fighting climate change through concrete awareness projects and education are issues that we believe affects the lives of young people and solidly want to participate to make the voices of the African young people heard; from financing youth voices against poverty to addressing their diseases and reproductive health and right issues, youth input truly matters.



As a group, we believe from 2015 that the prospects would be more favourable to Africa and more coordinated. We need a renewed effort to spur the strong recovery in Africa which will enable the rising development generation Africa confront its central challenge of achieving sustainable development.


African young people faces the daunting challenges of poverty, lack of education and unemployment, we believe lowering the high levels of poverty through financing for development will bring down the poverty level and enhance our sustained growth and development. No president, no leader would do the magic, without us! We are actively involved in the #post2015 processes, for sustainable development - leaving no one behind!






Development Generation Africa International (DGAi) is a vision into the future. It is an organization that promotes advocacy and provides a range of programmes that bring vital services to underserved children and youth to acquire skills, develop themselves, apply the knowledge and skills required for active participation and empowerment; while building their inherent capacities for opportunities and better engagement of vulnerable populations for community service and development.


DGAi deliver an expanding range of non-profit services, including basic education and life-long learning on issues, consultancy in policy advocacy, children and youth development issues project management; personal and professional development; up-to-date information and opportunities for community building and engagement as well as opportunities for children and youth participation in Health, Environment, ICT, Education and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as  well engagement programmes in Agric - education, Gender, Climate Change, Rural Development, Human Rights and participatory Democracy.


At Development Generation Africa International, we believe the future is blank, without active children and youth who are inspired, informed and involved in community, national and international development frameworks and agenda!


We also publish the Quarterly African Children and Youth Speakers Corner publication and magazine - "Develop-mentals"




Development Generation Africa International (DGAi) believes a platform for African children and youth development is necessary for a number of reasons. African communities faces similar type of crisis of children and youth: limited access to (quality) education; unemployment; the threat of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria; social, political and economic exclusion; poverty, and climate change etc.


Development Generation Africa International is providing the mechanism for articulating emerging concerns of children and youth in Africa and with them, DGAi is developing consensus regarding the solutions to these issues, under the MDG context. Part of our objective is to develop approaches for maximizing the contributions of children and youth to national, regional and international development agenda with focus on three primary pillars:


1.         Children and youth in economic development

2.         Children and youth in social transformation

3.         Children and youth in governance and political development.


DGAi was also originally founded to provide a veritable children and youth platform for debating, discussing and initiating concrete strategies for Africa's development and engagement in international events, issues and processes.










NEW: Development Generation Africa International - DGAi ESSAY CONTEST 2015 | SPEAK NIGERIA


SP-EAK Nigeria Essay Competition is currently accepting submissions for the 2015 contest on what Nigerian youth think and feel about poverty and inequality and how young people would work with government  and other stakeholders to achieve a sustainable NIGERIA.


Submit essay to: The Editor – Develop-mentals Magazine (DGAi) through e-mail:   Or (text) +234 803-133-7862

Deadline: December 18th, 2015                                            Age: 18-35yrs

Essay Prize: N15,000 and Certificates of Participation for three (3) finalists.

                                                             SPEAk Nigeria...SPEAK.LIsteN.ACT!


ADOBE YOUTH voices 2015 accepting applications now: please visit -


INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2015 is August 12, 2015

DGAi participated at 2015 Global Youth Forum in New York #youth2015

#action2015 #bb2015UN and Local Voices Initiative launching...