Development Generation Africa International (DGAi)

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Development Generation Africa International Projects and Initiatives

Development Generation Africa International Initiatives

(2008 – 2015)


·                    Primary Project – Africa

·                    Corruption YesterDay Initiative

·                    Nigeria Children and Youth Development and Engagement Forum

·                    Global Village Employment Project (GVEP)

·                    Student Participation, Empowerment and Knowledge Initiative (SPEAKi)

·                    SPEAK Nigeria (

·                    Send Her to School (Gender) Project

·                    Nigeria Children and Youth Forum on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (ATM)

·                    Taking the Millennium Development Goals to the People Project (TMDGP)

·                    Staying Alive Nigeria Edutainment Project

·                    Environmental Dialogue Post-Office (EDPo)

·                    Taking Information Technology Local (TakingITLocal)

·                    Local HIV/AIDS Connections Project (LACP)

·                    Millennium Campaign Nigeria

·                    Africa Youth Speaks on Democracy and Development

·                    What Children and Youth Feel and Think – Nigeria (WCYFT)

·                    DGAi Free Children MDG weekend school initiative

·                    Climate Speaks for Children – Future's project.